Weewar widget wonders

We will make several additions to the tools page on Weewar.com soon. Three of them will start an entirely new category: Widgets. Use them to share your profile and your games on the web, your blog, iGoogle or Facebook even.

First is Ben Petro’s iGoogle Gadget (works for websites, too):

(Loving it? Share some and digg it.)

Then there is Steven’s Facebook application, adding loads of Weewar info to your profile page. You need a Facebook account of course. If you already have one check out our Weewar group, too.

And last but not least, there is Kristofer’s excellent Badge generator:

We will add these and others to Weewar.com soon, but you might want to keep an eye on Tools and Services on the Wiki for the latest. If you want your application featured make sure to add it to this page. That is where we are looking, first!

Thank you all so much for making so many fantastic applications!


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