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Bots are us

Since we introduced the ELIZA API several people have started developing their own Bots. Bots are computer controlled players that can accept invites and play other bots and human players like yourself. The only difference is in their names which are required to begin with ai_. That way no Bot can pretend being a human […]

Rolling out Eliza

[Update: Back – now with Eliza] We will be launching our new Eliza Api on Friday night (around 22 pm CET). This will enable developers to create bots that can act as players on Weewar. We’ll provide more details on Eliza later on. We expect this update to take several hours.

Big war

A “wee” war gone big. Filip sent this picture of himself playing a rahter big war on an interactive whiteboard. Nice!

Unexpected slow down

[Update: Resolved. All is running smoothly again] We are experiencing some unexpected slow downs. We are aware and trying to identify what is causing this. Sorry for that!

The Weewar times covers everything Weewar

The Weewar Times was recently launched by Tygerdave and does a spendid job in covering everything Weewar. Find interviews, insights, news and more. There is a ton of information on there already and he is publishing more regulary. We are loving it.

Excellent Weewar beginner’s guide

Po has written up an excellent Weewar guide called The Newbie’s Guide to Weewar and available from the forums. It covers all the bases and then some. Great job!

The new Weewar forums are live

Yesterday’s launch of the Weewar forums went smoothly and we have seen hundreds of new posts in the first 24h alone. Seems like there was a big need and we are very happy to have adressed it.  The new forums are available via the community section from the main navigation. They come with a light […]

New forum coming

We have decided to implement a regular forum for the Weewar community so you won’t need a separate registration or go to a remote site for discussions anymore. Instead the new forum will work from within the community section. It will tie in with your Weewar account and profile and should make interacting with others a lot […]

Balancing patch

As previously announced we are rolling out some tweaks and changes to the unit properties. A bit more punch here, less range there, stuff like that. Due to the nature of Weewar these changes will become active for all games at once – including those already underway. We’d like to introduce them more gently but […]

The Referral system is live

First I’d like to apologize for the bumpy ride the recent update turned out to be. It took a lot longer than anticipated and we are really really sorry for that. All Pro Accounts have been extended by 2 days as a small gesture. With this update we have rolled out an all new referral […]


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