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Updating Weewar

[Update: it is the weekend and Weewar is all new. Let us know how it goes for you] We’ll be moving Weewar over to a brand new home tomorrow (November 30th). This will include the latest update that has ben tested at over the past weeks. will be unavailable for the duration of […]

Looking for testers

We are preparing to test a rather large upgrade to Weewar on While this addresses some smallish bugs the major changes are mostly invisible. This new version runs on a number of servers and will allow us to add more on short notice. This aims to do away with any slow downs and problems […]

Weewar data clean up

[Update: We’re back. Make sure to reload the page to update any cached files.] We will be taking Weewar offline for a much needed data base clean up shortly. Currently we are carrying a lot of historic data that is not being used by anyone and makes updates and regular maintenance tasks unnecessarily slow . […]

Small Update

The server will be down for a short period during Tuesday morning. No game mechanics are being touched. [Update: All done – sorry for this taking bit longer than expected. We’ll try to make future updates earlier in the day (GMT) and much faster, too]

Back on track?

After the update on Friday, some players noticed that they inadvertently got logged in as other random players. After an initial investigation we decided to take the site offline as we could not identify a quick fix for this severe bug. We have since then narrowed it down and implemented a likely solution for this. […]

ugh oh.. something has gone wrong

Combination of a surge in popularity and a bug is causing significant slow downs. We are on the case – really sorry for this! Update: We had to take Weewar off line for the time being, but we now have a strategy for solving this. Unfortunately we think this may take longer than we would […]

Amex and other little things

Yesterday’s update took around 4 hours and went altogether smoothly. If you experience problems it is likely to do with a cached CSS – just reload or empty your cache and things should fall into place. We have also noticed that American Express cards are not accepted by our payment system at the moment – […]

Get ready to update

Final testing of the next big update is going well and if nothing unforeseen happens we will roll it out to the live system on Thursday, October 4th. We will try to keep the downtime as short as possible but since this is a major upgrade will be unavailable for several hours. We are […]

to be or not to be (pro)

We are busy doing final preparations for the new payment option scheduled to arrive within the next few weeks. While switching over to the new system some pro users might temporarily not be able to start new games on pro maps. We have identified the issue and will hopefully have a fix ready early next […]

Profile image upload fixed

You may or may not have noticed – but uploading a new profile images was not working for a few days. It is working again now! We look forward to seeing loads of new faces. Thanks!


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