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Browser Game of the Year Award

Galaxy News has just announced the nominees for their popular Browser Game of the Year Award. Weewar has been nominated in no less than 6 of the 15 categories. Woo Hoo!

Get notifications on your mobile

Thanks to Scott‘s excellent Weewar / Twitter mashup you can now get notifications for your games on your mobile phone, via instant messenger or over any one of the many other ways from the Twitter universe. A good reason to finally get that Twitter account, maybe? We have one, too: Try it – It […]

Weewar team hits the road

We will be attending the Browser Game Conference in Frankfurt, Germany this weekend. It will be interesting to meet up with other players in the very active German market. And next week I will present Weewar at the Gamecity festival in Nottingham, UK. Let us know If you are at either show. We’d love to […]

3rd party activity

With the recent update introducing some major new features to it is easy to miss some of the smaller changes. For example the Tools Section: We have added a number of great 3rd party applications for Weewar and development on the existing ones did not stop either. There seems to be something for everyone […]

Weewar widget wonders

We will make several additions to the tools page on soon. Three of them will start an entirely new category: Widgets. Use them to share your profile and your games on the web, your blog, iGoogle or Facebook even. First is Ben Petro’s iGoogle Gadget (works for websites, too): (Loving it? Share some and […]

Winners announced

Galaxy news has just announced the winners of the 2 pro Accounts we provided for their feature about Weewar. And the lucky winners are: TheTorrent and Zoidberg. You are both already upgraded – Enjoy!

3rd party Weewar applications

We announced the Weewar API a mere 10 days ago and already enterprising users have created a range of fantastic applications. Weewarify by Bruce Kroeze runs on your computer and notifies you if it is your turn in any of your games. Using Adobe’s AIR it works on almost any platform. Check it out! The […]

Win a Pro Account with Galaxy News

Galaxy News has a nice article about our API. A translation for their German site is coming, too. Go check it out and enter their raffle for a chance to win 2 Pro accounts!

1, 2, 3, 4, ….

Mick declares a Weewar! (via Tangler)

Others have unpacking videos.. we have Weewar on the iPhone

Johnny just sent us this video of him testing on his brand new iPhone. He looks like he spent all night playing with the iPhone – but then who wouldn’t :) Cheers!


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