Quick downtime to fix challenging

We’re rolling out a quick bug fix to address problems with players challenging other players. We’ll be back in several minutes.

[Update 2:34pm, 6/10/2010: And we're back! Down for only three minutes.]

Summer Promotion

This summer, we are offering each of you a FREE 3-month subscription to Weewar Pro! The promotion will be launching this evening after the downtime, so be sure to come back to visit and redeem your FREE upgrade.

For those of you who already have a Pro account, no worries. We will automatically extend your Pro subscription by 3 months when the promotion launches.

Look for information on how to upgrade tonight after the downtime!

And for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lillian and am joining the Weewar team for the summer. Feel free to invite me: lillian (creative, I know).

[Update: Click here to upgrade or check your subscription]

[Update: Currently, our system only allows you one free trial for your lifetime. This means that if you participated in any past free trial promotion, the system will block you from subscribing to a new one. We are working to fix this and will give another update as soon as possible. Thanks RD for the tip.]

[Update: Players who had a pro account before but don't have one now who could not sign up for our new free trial promotion should be able to do so now at the upgrade link above. Please let us know if you have any trouble.]

Another update and scheduled downtime

We will have more downtime tomorrow, June 9th, for about half an hour starting at 4pm PST. (See it in your time zone here).

More details about the update will come tomorrow.

[Update: We're back!]

Scheduled downtime

We will be bringing the server down for about an hour tomorrow, June 4th, starting at 10:30am PST. (See it in your time zone here).

We’re removing old Zapp games with players who have not logged in for some time. Hopefully, this will help Zapp move again.

We will also be pushing out a fix for the game page not automatically updating at times.

[Update: We're back!]

Updates and news

This summer will be a summer of many updates to Weewar! We will be working hard to fix bugs and improve communication with the community, which we realize has been faltering over the past couple months.

As a first step, we have just released a fix for that pesky out-of-sync Flash client bug. If you still experience out-of-sync errors or extreme slowness on the game interface, please leave a bug report with details about what you were doing via the contact form.

We apologize for the lack of communication and development recently, but that is all changing now as we move forward into a new era for Weewar. As some rumors suggest, the Weewar team has some new partners that are committed to providing a great game experience. We cannot offer any more comment on that just yet, but we will give a proper, official announcement when the time is right.

Many of you already know me, Ryan, aka spadequack. I am now officially onboard the Weewar team (whoo!), at least for the summer, and I definitely look forward to improving Weewar and bringing it to the next level. Please let me know how I am doing – you can reach me via the contact form, the community forums, or on the community chat if you catch me online there.

I am excited at this awesome opportunity to work on the game I love, and I hope you all are excited too at the many improvements and changes to come!

Performance tweak

[Update: We're back.]

We are releasing a patch today to improve the performance of our flash client. We’ll be back shortly!


[Update: We're back.]

We will roll out a few bug fixes and changes to the interface later today. (Capturing team mates bases will be back!) The update will take approximately one hour and start at 14:30 pacific time. (See it in your time zone here).

Switching engines

The new Adobe Flash Client has arrived on the live server! Over the past few weeks we have been testing and refining it based on your great feedback.

New features include:

  • Fully animated battles
  • A new powerful full screen mode utilizing all your screen estate
  • Click and drag to traverse large maps

We have moved many of the game’s calculations to the client and reduced the number of calls it has to make to the server. The reduced load will make for a much better experience for everybody.

The new system also addresses many of the Internet Explorer specific slow downs and freezes you may have experienced.

We are very excited about this update. It is key to many of our future plans for Weewar. Let us know what you think and how we can improve it further!


We are going to roll out a new release on January 21st, at 6.15 pm PST (see it in your time zone). We expect the process to take about an hour total.

Help us test the latest

Ever wondered what it would look like if your DFA rains death on some poor enemy units? Check out the new battle animations on the test server and see for yourself!

We have created a flash version of Weewar and have reached a stage where we would very much like you to test the first playable version. To participate in this test simply sign up for a free pro(!) account on test.weewar.com (note the test in the url). Your test account is completely independent from the live system at Weewar.com so your regular account won’t be affected in any way. We will keep the test system open through January 12th, 2010, so finish off your opponents before then as any remaining games will be lost.

Please focus your testing on the new in-game interface. Start games, move units, attack (basically do what you usually do :) and let us know how the changed behavior works for you. Most of the in game dialogs and menus have been updated, especially the build dialog! We are really curious to find out how helpful it is when purchasing units and how to make it even better.

There are also a few known issues we are working on:

  • Capturing units are not represented in the battle animations
  • The flash client occasionally falls out of sync with the server which requires a re-load (it will tell you with a dialogue).

Especially for the latter is is important to narrow down when exactly that is occurring. Other than that, please watch out for bugs and any erratic or unexpected behavior.

We will incorporate your feedback and roll our some further refinements early next year – so please sign up, play and make sure to share your findings and impressions via our contact page.

Happy Holidays!

ps> You can finally repair your aircraft on all airfields your team controls and not just your own. This works both on test and on the live system.


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