Another round of fixes and updates

You can now only start a new game if you have less then four games in your head quarters, so make sure you move all finished games into your archive. This limitation does not affect invitations though – you can still receive and accept as many invitations to further games by other players as you please.

We have also finally rolled out the updated unit balancing. Incorporating feedback from our early testers this update will affect every unit’s attack strength, defense strength, movement and shooting range. The terrains have been updated, too. Have a close look at the inspector in the game for more details. We are looking forward to your feedback on these changes so that we can improve the game play further.

Aaron’s previously mentioned map has now been added.

In preparation for a wider testing phase we have turned of user registration. You can now only start a game if you already have an account and the only way to get an account is by being invited to a game by an existing user (or by us). However the master password protecting weewar from prying eyes is still in place. Let us know if you want to take part in the next round of testing.

See you on the battle fields.


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