How to get started

Once you have received an invite from us, getting a game started it easy. Just log in and click on “New game” in the main navigation towards the top of the screen. Enter one or more email addresses of people you would like to play with and then start the game. They will receive an email invitation and can join you for your first session.

Now if you do not have anyone you’d like to invite, or if you prefer to play with someone who already has a bit of experience you might want to look at our new ready to play list. All players appearing here are ready to join new games. Ideally choose someone who is online at the time, then just start a game as described above using the respective user names instead of email addresses.

Or you simply put yourself on the list (there is a link to do that when you are logged in) and wait to be invited yourself – but that might take a while of course. Enjoy!


  1. philippnorth
    Posted June 19, 2007 at 09:01 | Permalink

    i started just two games but i cant play i am only geting the info what or how i can do that thinks and thats it … how the f*** can i start playing?????

    dont tell me with the link below becorse ther is no!!!”!!!!!!

  2. iz
    Posted June 27, 2007 at 19:58 | Permalink

    This game really needs an introduction on how to play. Like how to attack, build units. There are no instructions on how to play at all, just a little blurb before each game saying ‘oh howdy, are you ready’?

    I was playing with a friend the other day and I had to explain how to play the entire game. The controls for this game are not necessarily intuitive. So please add some instructions, a tutorial on how to attack, build, strategies. You can even use your handy dandy replay feature to show the examples.

    I just think this is the biggest thing hurting the growth of this game. Not everyone likes to figure out games by playing them. (and there is no training round, so every game counts against you)

  3. Teriq
    Posted July 11, 2007 at 19:34 | Permalink

    i tried to signup when i finished i never got a invite

  4. monica.chan
    Posted July 20, 2007 at 15:35 | Permalink

    I can’t see the link either.  Somehow I was for one, but I can’t for the second game.

  5. hmz
    Posted August 26, 2007 at 17:53 | Permalink

    i am waiting for invete to i am waiting morre than 8 hours now


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