Road tripping with my favored ally What a great week! I have been analyzing Weewar’s performance and trying to figure out how to make the server faster so it can handle more players at the same time. After long hours of running tests, logging, and analyzing I think we are on a pretty good way to get Weewar a lot faster. I felt a bit like Sherlock Holmes using his big lens with Alex being relegated to being my Mr Watson.

The result of this investigation can be found on the test server right now and the testers are clicking already. Good job guys. Keep the bugs coming. :) The test will last for the weekend – so we hope to deploy the new version early next week. There are also good news for all those that eager to get a pro account. Pretty much everything is done to finally offer a payed for pro account. We can not yet say precisely when this feature will be available as we need to test this extensively.

Last but not least I’m heading to Leipzig this weekend to visit the Games Convention. For all of you Weewarriors who would fancy the opportunity to share thoughts/shake hands, meet me on Saturday 19:00 in Hall 2. The Plan says that there is a place to get some food near the passage to Hall 4. I’ll be there and have my red Weewar-Book with me. Visit my profile to see what I look like. 

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  1. Popcorn
    Posted August 24, 2007 at 15:55 | Permalink

    Nice. :-) Can you tell us a little bit more about pro accounts? Types of payments you like to make available and prices you have in mind?


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