Got friends?

You can now add your friends and favorite opponents to your preferred players. Simple go to their profile and click on the link right under their points box. They will then be listed on your profile together with any player who has added you as a preferred player. A little thumbs-up icon will high-light your preferred players in all regular player lists throughout Weewar.

The API has been updated to reflect these additional features and also incorporates some other missing profile details now.

Also new is a little indicator to show which players are currently online when you look at a game (watch out for the little green “on” behind the names).

And last but not least we have added a new image section – so if you want to link to Weewar you might find something suitable there. Or try Krilo’s badge generator if you prefer something a tad more dynamic.


  1. Posted September 6, 2007 at 00:35 | Permalink

    The “on” feature is awsome.  that will help out a lot instead of having to check profiles and being able to keep track of good opponents is amazing as well.  keep up the good work guys.

  2. nocks
    Posted September 9, 2007 at 19:42 | Permalink


    Great work, keep it up!

  3. HistoryChannel
    Posted September 10, 2007 at 20:11 | Permalink

    It would be nice if the player’s current public games, and archive games show up in their profile for others to review.

  4. DarthEragon
    Posted September 15, 2007 at 00:33 | Permalink

    I agree with History.  That would help players to analize opponents’ strategies for weaknesses and patterns, which is always important in any game.  Also, an in-game message center would be good so that players wouldn’t have to give out email addresses or use the chat to communicate.  That would also help when players aren’t on at the same time.


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