Planned weekly downtime this summer

As we continue to make improvements to Weewar, we decided it would be best to have updates and server downtime at a regular date and time so that there is less confusion about when it will happen. Thus, starting tomorrow, every Tuesday at 5pm PST (UTC-7), unless otherwise stated, we’ll shut down the server for about half an hour to push out bug fixes and add some new features for you all. We’ll post an announcement at the top of the main Weewar pages to remind you beforehand of the downtime.

This Tuesday, we’ll be rolling out some internal improvements that will help us measure user activity so that we can see where the game needs improvement and how our future changes affect user numbers and activity levels on the site. There won’t really be any noticeable changes for you all.

We are also thinking of starting up the test server again and testing re-balanced unit specs there. Sound off on which units you think need the most rebalancing in this forum thread!

Let us know how we’re doing too! As always, your feedback is very much appreciated. :)

[Update 6/15/10, 5:35pm: we’re having some technical difficulties and will be back as soon as we can]
[Update 6/15/10, 6:10pm: we’re back! sorry about the delay]


  1. Yourtime
    Posted June 15, 2010 at 11:26 | Permalink

    wow COOL WEEKLY MAINTENANCE? THAT IS REALLY NICE X).. hope you will decide .. to give weewar on facebook too x).. (but I think mostly not all will play weewar.. it’s not a game for all players)

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