Testing new unit changes

Hello Weewarriors. Based on past community feedback and recent data gathered on what you are building, we have decided to change the current unit stats to make units and strategies more balanced and gameplay more diverse and interesting. Rebalancing units is no easy task and we do not expect to get it right the first time around, so we ask for your help in testing out our planned changes on the test server at http://test.weewar.com.

Our main concerns with current gameplay are:

  • the super versatility and usefulness of the Destroyer,
  • the dominance of naval units over land units,
  • the overpowered DFA & mass Trooper strategy, and
  • the inability to stop Subs squatting in harbors without having a harbor of your own.

We also want each unit to be about equally useful. We’ve been gathering data on what units you all like to build. Here is a graph of the total number of credits spent on each unit (count*cost per unit) over a one week span.

Total Credits Spent on Each Unit

[Update 7/16: Here is the same graph using builds from players who have been with us for more than a year.]

The Destroyer and DFA are used way more than all other units, with the exception of units that can capture. Ideally, what we want to see is a roughly flat distribution in the graph above, without major peaks and troughs, where each unit is useful in many different situations.

To address all of our above concerns, we are:

  • completely revamping naval battles with the introduction of a new Cruiser unit and modification of the big boats to serve more specialized, counter-able roles,
  • allowing Helicopters to attack subs weakly,
  • changing Helicopter movement to 4-2,
  • weakening high-end artillery strength vs Hard units,
  • allowing Berserkers to attack twice,
  • allowing air units to repair on allied bases and airfields but no longer on neutral airfields,
  • changing the cost of Speedboats from 200 to 150, and
  • adding the Heavy Trooper to the set of Trial units.

We expect these changes to alter gameplay massively, in both expected and unexpected ways. They will also break a number of current maps. Thus, we ask that you try out the changes on the test server and let us know what you think and of any bugs you find, either as a reply here or via the contact form. We definitely look forward to your feedback.

To test these new changes, go to http://test.weewar.com, make a new account, and just start playing! Please keep in mind that none of your games or points on the test server will transfer over to the live server. This test will end in two weeks (Thursday, July 29), or before then if we feel particular stats need to be changed sooner to allow for more time testing good stats. After the playtest ends, we’ll make changes based on your feedback and launch the test server again.

If you’d like to read about the changes in more detail, check out the forums.


  1. Posted July 20, 2010 at 15:18 | Permalink

    Wow I was gone on vacation for a week, returned and just spotted all this great new stuff coming up here! I’m bloody impressed by the amount of balancing changes. Gonna comment more details to single changes in the forums :) cheers & keep it up!

  2. Weewar player
    Posted September 30, 2010 at 03:47 | Permalink

    Don’t forget that not all maps have evenly distrubeted naval/land/air bases. You should divide these statistics into at least those three categories.

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