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Team Play is coming to Weewar

The new feature will allow players to set up teams at any time during a game. Players can then apply to join an existing team or create their own. All the necessary controls are available from the in game options menu. A player’s team affiliation is indicated by the team letter next to their name. […]

Annotated maps by Casaubon

Casaubon has published a whole range of maps with great annotations and descriptions. Exciting stuff!


We have rolled out a number of significant changes last week and we are thrilled by your great feedback on those (see the comments here). And so I am very happy to announce the first direct result of these changes: We will soon start public testing of proper Team Play! It will enable you to […]

Upcoming Changes

Weewar has come a long way.  A big part of that is thanks to the excellent community which we are very happy to be part of!  We are especially thankful to our Pro Players who have opted to support us with their subscriptions. Bert and I have committed  a lot of time and money towards […]

Path Algorithm for Weewar

From Franz Sittampalam’s work on the weewar ai-commander. It is a work in progress but you can already set up your own bot – or challenge his!

API changes

We have updated the API documentation to reflect the latest version (rolled out earlier today). The changes are minor but might affect some of the 3rd party applications out there. Check out the latest version…

New Engine

We have been busy re-writing much of the engine that drives the good ship Weewar. The underlying code is now much leaner. With these changes in place we are in a much better shape to implement the new and exciting features we have planed. At this stage we need your help to test it all […]

Weewar Art

While working on the engines that drive Weewar we accidently created this pretty thing. Art?

New features

[UPDATE: All done. Weewar is up and running again!] We will update Weewar today (time in your local time zone). We expect the update to take around 15 minutes. Included are a number of small fixes and a few new features, too: Games can now be set so that only players with a specific rating […]

Weewar mini contest

Creative Applications is running a mini Weewar contest. Write a nice comment on their post and win one of three pro subscriptions for Weewar! Feel  free to repost your comment here, too. Good luck!


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