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Performance tweak

[Update: We’re back.] We are releasing a patch today to improve the performance of our flash client. We’ll be back shortly!


[Update: We’re back.] We will roll out a few bug fixes and changes to the interface later today. (Capturing team mates bases will be back!) The update will take approximately one hour and start at 14:30 pacific time. (See it in your time zone here).

Help us test the latest

Ever wondered what it would look like if your DFA rains death on some poor enemy units? Check out the new battle animations on the test server and see for yourself! We have created a flash version of Weewar and have reached a stage where we would very much like you to test the first […]

Teamplay on the Testserver

We’ve just opened the test server again! Log in and help us test  a new unit and the brand new team play. You can create, join or leave teams from the in game options menu. Each team member’s point gain/loss depends on the average score of the team. Once only one team is left the […]


[UPDATE 2: And we are back!] [UPDATE: a few critical backups seem to take a little longer than expected, so we will not quite make the 1pm deadline. Sorry] We’ll roll out our latest Version tomorrow, Friday the 17th. Weewar will not be available between 9.00 and 13.00 CET (see it in your time zone). There are […]


We’ll be doing some backups and tests today. Weewar will be offline for shorter periods of time during the day. This helps getting ready to roll out the new version that is currently tested on (which is still online).

Short maintainance break

[… and we’re back.] We’re currently running some maintainance tasks. Please be patient. Weewar will be back soon.

Short maintainance break

[Update: Everything’s done. Weewar is running.] We’ll do a short maintainance later this day. It is not expected to take long.

Testing the latest unit stats

During the last weeks some of you have played on the test server and tested the latest modifications to unit stats. Thank you for giving such a great feetback (Even on Skype, Thanks Jeye). Since today, the testserver is back online and available for further experimenting with the new unit stats. More detailed information is […]

We’ll be back ….

… in a few minutes, as we are currently doing a maintainace Break. We’ll take care of a few bugs and after weewar will be back, you will be able to create unrated games.


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