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Updating Weewar soon

We are currently addressing the few remaining issues found during the test currently running at Thanks to everybody who helped testing the new version and for all the excellent reports! We will start preparing the update for the live site shortly and expect it to be ready later this week.  We will update you […]

Looking for testers

The current version of Weewar is still not quite running fast enough. We have compensated by throwing more hardware at it but in order to move forward we need to get the server efficiency under control. We have worked on an optimized version and expect to start testing it publicly early next week. If you […]

Ugh oh.. trouble

[Update: Trouble is gone – sorry for the downtime!]Looks like something went wrong. You may have trouble accessing your games. We are looking into it but might need a while to activate the right people on a Friday night. Really sorry for the interruption!

Downtime on the 27th

It looks like we have been logging a little to much. The log files filled up one server after the other shutting each down in the process. It took us a while to figure out what was going on and even longer to get everything going again. We are really sorry for the downtime and […]

Another big fix before 2008

The patch will take some 5-10 minutes to complete and will address the following issues: – chat participants in community pages are incomplete – Wrong count on preferred player’s tab after adding a player – when surrendering from a game that is later ended in peace the status is set to draw for all players

Short Maintenance

We’ll be rolling out a patch to address a number of bugs shortly: – exception when leaving a game before it is started by the creator – incorrect session count in page footer – broken encoding for special characters – removal of www from The site will be down for 5-10 minutes.

Adding more servers shortly

[UPDATE: We are back up and running with brand new extra servers. Weewar is running fast now but we’ll keep an eye on it] We will be adding several new servers shortly to deal with the current load issues. Unfortunately this will require another short downtime later today (Tuesday, 12/11). Check this post and the […]

model unit bug

Ugh, oh – it does not seem to end. We are really sorry for this. If you have encountered this error we are now busy fixing it. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more. Sorry for this delayed response!

Pro accounts extended

We have just extended all pro accounts by 7 days. This is to make up for the bumpy ride last week’s upgrade has been for some. We are really sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused and hope this makes up for it! Many thanks for your support and understanding. We are lucky to […]

current slowness

You may have noticed Weewar running rather slow at times after Friday’s update. We are investigating what is causing this. The new server cluster is running at a fraction of its possible load maximum and all seems to be working perfectly – yet the site feels slow from time to time. If anything the update […]


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