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Map search!

We have just rolled out the ability to search for maps onto the live server, so you can now find maps to your liking out of our amazing collection of 6000+ user-generated maps! Looking for the most popular large 2-player maps? Or maybe a small, low-income map to play with three of your friends? Finding […]

Testing new unit changes

Hello Weewarriors. Based on past community feedback and recent data gathered on what you are building, we have decided to change the current unit stats to make units and strategies more balanced and gameplay more diverse and interesting. Rebalancing units is no easy task and we do not expect to get it right the first […]

Summer Promotion

This summer, we are offering each of you a FREE 3-month subscription to Weewar Pro! The promotion will be launching this evening after the downtime, so be sure to come back to visit and redeem your FREE upgrade. For those of you who already have a Pro account, no worries. We will automatically extend your […]

Updates and news

This summer will be a summer of many updates to Weewar! We will be working hard to fix bugs and improve communication with the community, which we realize has been faltering over the past couple months. As a first step, we have just released a fix for that pesky out-of-sync Flash client bug. If you […]

Bots are us

Since we introduced the ELIZA API several people have started developing their own Bots. Bots are computer controlled players that can accept invites and play other bots and human players like yourself. The only difference is in their names which are required to begin with ai_. That way no Bot can pretend being a human […]

Weewar won 3 categories of the Browser Game of the Year award

Galaxy News has announced the winners of this year’s Browser Game of the Year award and we are really exited to have won 3 of the 6 categories Weewar was nominated in. We got:  Best Concept Technical Achievement Award Innovative Studio Award We’d like to thank the jury and Galaxy News who have been very […]

Browser Game of the Year Award

Galaxy News has just announced the nominees for their popular Browser Game of the Year Award. Weewar has been nominated in no less than 6 of the 15 categories. Woo Hoo!

Round 1 of the tournament has started

The first games are well underway. If you are in do not forget to start your game asap. See the Inaugural Tournament Bracket for details and links to all the games of the first round. More info about the tournament is available here. Good luck!

First Weewar Tournament

Pluto (and many others) are setting up the first Weewar Tournament. To join visit the ongoing discussion over at Tangler and check the Wiki page with the emerging rules. It is looking great so far. There are detailed rules and even a committee to resolve disputes. The current line up of contenders is impressive, too. […]

Holidays are coming…

And we have added a nice little feature fitting for the occasion. If you are looking for a last minute present why not give a Weewar gift subscription? Thanks to the marvelous guys over at Spreedly (who are taking care of all the payment stuff for us) you can now buy a Pro Account for […]


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