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Weewar does PayPal

We have just added PayPal to the available payment options. This was a much requested feature and we are glad to be able to finally tick it off the list.

Weewar team hits the road

We will be attending the Browser Game Conference in Frankfurt, Germany this weekend. It will be interesting to meet up with other players in the very active German market. And next week I will present Weewar at the Gamecity festival in Nottingham, UK. Let us know If you are at either show. We’d love to […]

3rd party activity

With the recent update introducing some major new features to it is easy to miss some of the smaller changes. For example the Tools Section: We have added a number of great 3rd party applications for Weewar and development on the existing ones did not stop either. There seems to be something for everyone […]

Amex and other little things

Yesterday’s update took around 4 hours and went altogether smoothly. If you experience problems it is likely to do with a cached CSS – just reload or empty your cache and things should fall into place. We have also noticed that American Express cards are not accepted by our payment system at the moment – […]

Weewar widget wonders

We will make several additions to the tools page on soon. Three of them will start an entirely new category: Widgets. Use them to share your profile and your games on the web, your blog, iGoogle or Facebook even. First is Ben Petro’s iGoogle Gadget (works for websites, too): (Loving it? Share some and […]

Got friends?

You can now add your friends and favorite opponents to your preferred players. Simple go to their profile and click on the link right under their points box. They will then be listed on your profile together with any player who has added you as a preferred player. A little thumbs-up icon will high-light your […]

3rd party Weewar applications

We announced the Weewar API a mere 10 days ago and already enterprising users have created a range of fantastic applications. Weewarify by Bruce Kroeze runs on your computer and notifies you if it is your turn in any of your games. Using Adobe’s AIR it works on almost any platform. Check it out! The […]

Weewar has an API now

With yesterday’s update we have also released the first official application interface (API) for Weewar. To get started check out the (admittedly) basic documentation at You can access a lot of data already but if there is anything else you need, just let us know – we are fully committed to support your ideas. […]


Meet the mighty Tank – transformer style! Courtesy of gocrawford. Great job! (Not an actual unit though … at least for now.)

Last week’s update

Last week we introduced some significant changes. We moved Weewar over to a much faster hardware set up. It allows us to have many more users play simultaneously – and we know that many people have been waiting for invites for a long time (several thousand in fact). We are looking forward to get you […]


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