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Speeding things up

[Update: And we are back] We are rolling out a major upgrade tonight. This will address a number of bugs, include slight updates to unit balancing and improved support for Internet Explorer 6 and 7 and Safari. Also included will be a number of new units. These will become available once we have added new […]

The Weewar wiki

bjtitus has created a wiki for Weewar! And there is already loads of great information on there, e.g. about units and strategies. This is shaping up to become a fantastic Weewar resource. We are also contributing to it of course. Needless to say that those who have done the ground work are now all pro […]

Win 5 pro accounts with

Galaxy News invited me to give an interview about Go check it out for a chance to win one of the 5 Pro accounts we are giving away with them. Each account will be good for a full 3 months! Thanks for the opportunity gn! (You can read a German translation of the interview, […]

Fresh map

With the last update we’ve added 3 brand new player-made maps. Check out The Bog, Fortress and Narrow Path.  Now with permanent urls and creator attribution.  We will soon update the meta info on the other maps accordingly. Oh … and making your own maps will be available to everybody in the not so distant […] does Weewar

[UPDATE: And we are back – make sure to refresh your CSS!] While we are rolling out our latest update (won’t take long), I’d like to introduce tangler: A few days ago I set up a Weewar group on But before we even had a chance properly test it , the Tangler community rushed […]

1000 players battling it out on Weewar

Some time last night we registered player 1000! Thank you all so much for making this work!

Player made videos!

We are really excited to see the flash video markusbit has created of his match against Pic4sch4f. And there is already another video, created by MrMarco. Great stuff!

Weewar is growing

The recent growth has caused us some slowdowns, especially in those really big long lasting games. A fix for this is underway but overall seems to cope really well. Last week we have also given out the first pro memberships to users who have referred quite a few new users using our new referral […]

Pro accounts… but how?

Last week we introduced pro accounts, and while the feedback for the new features has been great so far, a very important element is still missing: How to actually get a pro account (if you are not one of the early testers already having one). We are planing to release a system shortly that will […]

Another weekend, another update will be updated once more today. And there is loads of amazing things in this one. We’ve also noticed that one of the main features rolled out last week actually never made it into most user accounts – so this time replay modes (for the last round and entire games) will definitely become available. […]


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