Downtime to fight spam

Weewar will be taken offline at 2pm EST (UTC-4) tomorrow (Sunday) for a spam-fighting update. See it in your time.

Update 2:03pm: We’re back. Players who have not yet ended their turn in a game are no longer allowed to post in the forums. This should help reduce the wave of forum spam we have been experiencing recently. If you are a new player who needs help before ending your turn in a game for the first time, please contact us for help.

New downtime

Weewar is experiencing some memory problems, causing the server to go down spontaneously over the last couple days. We’re looking into it.

Update Aug. 21, 12:28am: We are still having server issues. Zapp will be turned off while we try to figure out the cause of the memory problems.

Update Aug. 22, 2:51am UTC-4: Server memory problems continue, unfortunately. In addition, in the process of clearing out old Zapp games, game actions within about an hour of the start of the latest downtime (roughly midnight til now) may have accidentally been lost. Sorry. If you are having problems with a game not loading, please contact us.

Update Aug. 24, 1:30am UTC-4: Server is getting better now. I have just deleted 18,247 games on Duck Island involving Zapp where the last move was made over two months ago (or the game was finished). These are mostly games that are automatically created when a user joins Weewar. I also removed bad references to missing profile images. Zapp is back on too.


Weewar is currently experiencing some issues with its Amazon servers. Please bear with us as we work to address the problems.

Update (July 12, 20:16 EST): We are back up and running though Weewar is a bit slow. The Amazon server on which Weewar was hosted seemed to have stalled, so we had to start a new instance and migrate everything over from a backup. Map images are being regenerated now. The forums are down temporarily. Games with less than 1 day turn limit should have had their clocks reset. Emails probably don’t quite work yet. Avatars are lost temporarily.

Thanks to the folks at EA for working on this yesterday and today and getting Weewar back up and mostly running.

Update (July 13, 21:02 EST): Weewar is back up and running. Forums are up, board images have been regenerated, and Zapp is running again. Unfortunately, avatar images were lost. You can upload a new one on your profile page. Thanks for your patience.

Facebook Connect downtime

We have temporarily removed Facebook Connect from Weewar as we sort out some issues regarding it. If you normally log in using Facebook Connect and did not have a Weewar password set, please send us a message on the contact page and we will get back to you with a temporary Weewar password. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope to have Facebook Connect back up and running soon.

p.s. we’re aware the blog styling is off and are trying to figure out what happened there.


As some of you have noticed, Weewar is being a bit slow these past couple days. We’re looking into the cause and will be doing quick maintenance today at 4pm EST (UTC-5). See it in your time.

Update 4:05pm: We’re back up and will be monitoring Weewar for slowness issues closely.

Bug fix update

Weewar will go down briefly on Sunday, December 11, 2010 – at 8PM EST to fix a bug regarding invites to new players. See it in your time.

This was originally for Saturday, December 10 at 10PM EST but has been rescheduled.

Minor update

Weewar will go down for a few minutes at 10pm EST today for a security update. See it in your time zone.

Update 10:15pm: And we’re back!

Weewar + EA2D

I am happy to announce that Bert and myself have joined the talented EA2D team at the Electronic Arts headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. We have been looking for a strong partner for a while and I think we could not have done any better than this.

This is a significant step for Weewar and for us personally and so it took us a while to sort out all the details (and to be able to finally tell you all about it).  We very much appreciate the trust you have put into us over the past years and we are committed to live up to it during the exciting times ahead.

Great things are in store for Weewar – and thanks to EA we have the means to realize them, too!

Downtime today

We will be taking down the server for a 20-minute update this evening at 8pm EST. (See it in your time.)

An Update

Hello Weewarriors!

While my internship with the great folks behind Weewar has ended, I am happy to announced that I am now officially here to watch over the community and make sure the site runs smoothly.

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out a new upgrade page as well as a couple other small changes. The test server will be re-launched again for you to test some new balancing changes to unit stats and gameplay. I will post more details of these changes as we introduce them. We’ve been a bit too silent on our end for the last few weeks, and I apologize and plan on remedying that. Look forward to more posts and communication soon, both here on the blog and in the forums. 


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