Last week’s update

Last week we introduced some significant changes. We moved Weewar over to a much faster hardware set up. It allows us to have many more users play simultaneously – and we know that many people have been waiting for invites for a long time (several thousand in fact). We are looking forward to get you […]

Weewar tournaments?

A Weewar tournament seems to be a great idea (we have received loads of requests and suggestions for it). We like it, too. So much so that we have started a topic on tangler to get a grip on rules, time frames, prices, etc. Have your say and we might be able to register the […]

Fresh map

With the last update we’ve added 3 brand new player-made maps. Check out The Bog, Fortress and Narrow Path.  Now with permanent urls and creator attribution.  We will soon update the meta info on the other maps accordingly. Oh … and making your own maps will be available to everybody in the not so distant […]

fresh maps

Aaron has been at it again and created an exciting new map. Check out “Dead Meadows” in the game start dialog for more details. We have also updated most of the other maps, folding in much of your great feedback. Please let us know how these changes work for you and if there is anything […]

How to get started

Once you have received an invite from us, getting a game started it easy. Just log in and click on “New game” in the main navigation towards the top of the screen. Enter one or more email addresses of people you would like to play with and then start the game. They will receive an […]

Scoring anybody?

We have just added scoring to So every time you defeat another player you get a number of points. If you lose, points are taken away. Everybody starts out at the same 1500 base level. The catch is: You get more points for winning against stronger players then for winning against lower ranking players. […]

Weewar is picking up speed

We have just released a major update to the map rendering engine which massively impacts on the overall speed of the games. The difference is perceptible across the board but does of course affect the biggest maps the most. And we are not talking 5% – 10% here – The new speed is a multiple […]

Another round of fixes and updates

You can now only start a new game if you have less then four games in your head quarters, so make sure you move all finished games into your archive. This limitation does not affect invitations though – you can still receive and accept as many invitations to further games by other players as you […]

Plenty of new maps

You might want to start a new game right away. There is loads of new maps available now. Most of them a lot bigger then anything you’ve seen on Weewar before. Some optimization and an improved editor (which we might publish in the near future) made this possible. Most of the previous maps have also […]

The archive and custom map features

All you “artillerists” might find your weapon of choice is now less effective. This unit has proven to be way to powerful during testing. It is now a bit more realisticly balanced with the other units. You might also want to try out the newly added map preview feature in the “New game” dialog.


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