Got friends?

You can now add your friends and favorite opponents to your preferred players. Simple go to their profile and click on the link right under their points box. They will then be listed on your profile together with any player who has added you as a preferred player. A little thumbs-up icon will high-light your […]


Pistos has created some great tutorials for basic Weewar game play. And he is adding more all the time! A great resource for beginners and a good way to get your friends up to speed when you bring them in for the first time. Many thanks for creating and sharing these!

pdf mini guide

Bill (aka gocrawford) has created a comprehensive unit and terrain pdf guide, based on the information available on the wiki. Looks really good and is certainly a handy tool for every strategist – Download the pdf. Thanks for sharing!

Pro accounts… but how?

Last week we introduced pro accounts, and while the feedback for the new features has been great so far, a very important element is still missing: How to actually get a pro account (if you are not one of the early testers already having one). We are planing to release a system shortly that will […]

Did you know …

When moving a unit, another click on the unit at its destination issues the “stay here” order immediately. During an attack a second click on the target carries out the “attack” without requiring you to use the action panel at all. Similarly clicking on a greyed out field deselects you current unit. Infantry does really […]

How to get started

Once you have received an invite from us, getting a game started it easy. Just log in and click on “New game” in the main navigation towards the top of the screen. Enter one or more email addresses of people you would like to play with and then start the game. They will receive an […]

Tip: Save your energy

Tip: If a player surrenders, all his/her units remain on the battlefield. They won’t do much but they will fend for themselves if you attack them. So if you continue playing with the remaining players it is best to leave these abandoned units alone. Unless of course, they happen to sit on that one city […]


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