Tell everyone who your buddies are

We’re updating the server to release the “Preferred Players” feature. Stay tuned.

badlands … finally gone bad?

[Update: Checkout the games now … deserting units and rebelling bases should have returned to duty.] We’re investigating strange occurrences on the badlands map. 

Solidgoldmind first to hit 2000

Solidgoldmind has reached a score of 2000. His record shows that he has won all but one game during the last weeks. Congratulations.

Maintainance on Friday

[Update: We are back! And all is looking good. Let us know if you see anything suspicious] We will do a larger maintenance break today. A few bugs will be fixed and the second part of the performance adjustments will be released. This will take a few hours. 

Road tripping with my favored ally

What a great week! I have been analyzing Weewar’s performance and trying to figure out how to make the server faster so it can handle more players at the same time. After long hours of running tests, logging, and analyzing I think we are on a pretty good way to get Weewar a lot faster. […]

The Artillery strikes back

To prevent games from stalling with two frontlines consisting mostly of artillery, we are testing a new rule on the live system: Artillery strikes back! Every time an artillery is attacked from a distance that is within its shooting range, it will return fire. We’re curious to see how the gameplay feels with this new […]

Narrowing it down

Most of you might have noticed that is down from time to time. We finally managed to narrow it down: There seems to be a misconfiguration between the database and hibernate. We’re sending our Raiders after this really nasty bug and hope to hunt it down soon. Bear with us.

Trouble shooting Saturday

[Update: If you find any more bugs please feel free to post them here, or via the feedback form. The server will remain online now.] To respond to the bugreports of this saturday morning, we will take the server down every now and then. Please bear with us as we fix bugs that prevent some […]

Great Feedback

We are getting a lot of great feedback. Stressing both “a lot” and “great”. If you have recently written in and have not heard back from us it is not because we do not care. We care a lot and take pride in reading every single message from you. But with hundredths of emails coming […]


[Update: We’re back. Leave me a message in the Chat. :)] The patch introduced a few bugs which will be removed by another hotfix. This again won’t take long. 


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